I Saw the Devil

Cine 3 - 04/04/2018 20:00

The wife of a big shot in the South Korean intelligence agency is brutally murdered by a serial killer, upon which the grieving husband sets out on a revenge mission that remains unmatched on the silver screen. In film history, I Saw the Devil (our 2011 Golden Raven) was a watershed moment because from then on all thrillers would be classified in the pre or the post Devil era. With this masterpiece, filmmaker Jee-woon Kim reached new heights regarding intelligent storytelling, blood-curdling suspense, eerie atmospherics, and clever direction. The Bollywood remake came out in 2014, the Hollywood version is in the works as we speak, but the original remains unsurpassed!

Genre(s) serial killer
Country South Korea
Audience CNA
Director Jee-Woon Kim
Cast Byung-hun Lee, Joon-hyeok Lee, Min-sik Choi
Distributor Splendid Film


Running time 142'


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