Ghost Theater


Sara seems to be condemned to playing the corpse in cheap TV-series when she finally gets her big break: a few lines in a real theatre play. And those lines have to be said to the diva of the stage; Aoi. It doesn’t matter that this big star treats her like shit or that one of the other actors dies in mysterious cicumstances; Sara is happy with the chance she gets. And when Aoi is literally pushed off stage, ending her career for good, the path is wide open for Sarah’s first leading role. She doesn’t know that it might also be her last.

Ghost Theatre is a completely new remake of Hideo Nakata’s first feature Don’t Look Up (which is currently in the good hands of our friend Eli Roth). And what we get from Mister J-Horror is not the usual Asian horror ride. It’s more of a nostalgic, but very effective throwback to the good old creepy classics. Just imagine a slow burn remix of All About Eve and Black Swan, signed Hideo “The Ring” Nakata!

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Genre(s) ghost movie
Country Japan
Audience CNA
Audio Japanese
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Hideo Nakata
Cast Haruka Shimazaki, Keita Machida, Riho Takada, Rika Adachi
Screenplay Junya Kato, Ryuta Miyake
Soundtracks Kenji Kawai
Production Nikkatsu Corporation
Distributor Nikkatsu Co.
Year 2015


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