Envelope (The)

Cine 2 - 10/04/2018 16:30

A strange envelope is delivered to an architectural film by mistake. Igor, a driver, is charged with bringing it back to the right address. From that fateful moment on, his life becomes a string of paranormal events. The cursed letter invades Igor’s life and leads him to a mysterious addressee.

Russian horror cinema is not new and at the BIFFF we’re aware that it’s up and coming. But The Envelope creates a unique setting through strong cinematographic images. Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy’s The Bride, shown at the festival last year, was bought by the Americans for a remake. We hope The Envelope will have the same fate. This might be Vladimir Markov’s first movie, but he certainly has a nose for acting talent. Standing out in this bewitching horror thriller are Yuliya Peresild and Olga Medynich, two actresses who are well-known in their country, but still have to be discovered over here. Will Mother Russia share some of her talents with the international scene?

Genre(s) horror
Premiere International Premiere
Country Russia
Audience CNA
Audio Russian
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Vladimir Markov
Cast Diana Yenakaeva, Igor Khripunov, Igor Lizengevych, Julia Peresild, Lyudmila Chirkova, Olga Medynich
Distributor RB Prod. / Planeta Inform Film Dist.
Year 2017
Running time 76'


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