Cine 3 - 07/04/2018 18:00

A man with a nasty face and a criminal record returns to the urban jungle that he had to leave 15 years ago for an extended stay in the can. Now he’s back with an axe to grind: he wants to kill off Lucifer’s Twelve Apostles. Methodically he goes through the list, if need be with extreme measures. Not exactly someone we care to meet at midnight in a dark alley… but in a dark movie theater we rather like this kinda fella!

In a previous life, Marco Laguna (a.k.a. Marc du Marais) toured the European concert circuit with the legendary indie band La Muerte. His first full-fledged fiction film, a labor of love five years in the making, is a no-nonsense cross between a revenge movie and a spiritual western. Among the thesps, we recognize national talents like actress/model Delfine Balfort (You Go to My Head, Steve + Sky) and dramatic heavyweight Bouli Lanners (Above the Law, Raw, The First, the Last).

Genre(s) cult, mystery, surreal
Premiere Panorama
Country Belgium
Audience CNA
Audio English
Subtitles French
Director Marco Laguna
Cast Bouli Lanners, Delfine Bafort, Wild Dee
Distributor Marco Laguna, One Eyed Films
Running time 90'


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