Small is beautiful, as they often say, and with “The Curtain”, that’s certainly true. This small indie film has a simple premise that will make you shudder: what if your shower curtain disappeared into an ultradimensionnal vacuum? To discover where the curtain went, just write your phone number on it. A few moments you get a call from an absolute stranger…

Jaron Henrie-McCrea cannot hide his love for Alfred Hitchcock. As well as in his debut Pervertigo and in the follow-up The Curtain a New York bathroom takes center stage. The two leads can best be described as spin-off characters from Being John Malkovitch. Often bizarre but with lots of inventive moments, they try to unravel the mystery behind the disappearing shower curtain.

Genre(s) horror, surreal
Country USA
Audience CNA
Audio English
Subtitles Dutch, French
Director Jaron Henrie-McCrea
Cast Anne Denison, Danni Smith, Gregory Konow, Jaron Henrie-McCrea, Martin Monahan, Rick Zahn
Screenplay Carys Edwards, Jaron Henrie-McCrea
Soundtracks Adam Skerritt
Production Jash Pictures Inc.
Distributor Jash Pictures Inc.
Year 2015


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