Chaser (The)


The Chaser

Original title : Chugyeogja

This Korean thriller is about a very unusual kidnapping. Especially because the main suspect claims that he has kidnapped other women. But because the police doesn’t have any proof against him, they have to let him go. One cop steps up to the plate, the start of a breathtaking chase against the clock, brilliantly directed by No Hong-jin and awarded with the thriller Prize at the BIFFF 2009!

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Genre(s) thriller
Country South Korea
Audience CNA
Audio Korean
Subtitles French
Director Na Hon-jin
Cast Jung-woo Ha, Yeong-hie Seo, Yun-seok Kim
Screenplay Hong-jin Na, Shinho Lee, Won-Chan Hong
Producer Sujin Kim, Yoon In-beom