Ça Tourne près de chez Vous

Cine 3 - 12/04/2018 20:00

Two amateur filmmakers make a documentary about the Moeraske in Evere, a sleepy, swampy corner of the Belgian capital. On a sunny summer day in 2017, seven corpses and a car are found there. A DVD and a camera on the scene contain proof of an actual suicide. Before they know what’s what, our private eyes are up shit creek without a paddle…

For Ça tourne près de chez vous, Brussels filmmaker Arno Pluquet, a self-proclaimed fantasy buff, was inspired by Man Bites Dog, The Blair Witch Project, and other Cloverfields. With a combination of found footage, film-within-the-film, and tragicomedy, he finishes his fantasy trilogy, the first parts of which were also shown at the BIFFF: Papillon noir (2016) and La caravane du cafard (2017). This time, he shares screenwriting and directing credits with Olivia Robert.

Genre(s) cult, serial killer
Premiere World Premiere
Country Belgium
Audience CNA
Audio French
Director Arno Pluquet, Olivia Robert
Cast Annick Cornette, Arno Pluquet, David D'urbano, Nathan Unterberg
Distributor Digital File
Year 2017
Running time 80'


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