Bride (The)


Seeing your future wife wearing her wedding dress can be one of the most beautiful moments in your life. Cheng-Ho is one of those guys waiting for that moment. As a successful TV-producer with a stunning fiancé, he can’t complain. But ever since he picked up a red envelope in the park, he’s getting weird dreams about previous incarnations. He decides to consult a psychic, but to no avail. With his marriage ahead, he decides to fight these demons, the kind you don’t want to see in a wedding gown.

The Bride was produced by Takashige Ichise (the guy who introduced us to scary black haired little girls crawling out of a TV), who claims to have given special attention to Taiwan’s local horror heritage. The Bride, directed by Lingo Hsieh and starring Chris Wu &Nikki Hsieh, definitely gives us plenty of reasons to be scared!

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Genre(s) ghost movie
Premiere European Premiere
Country Taiwan
Audience CNA
Audio Chinese
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Lingo Hsieh
Cast Chen Andrew, Hsieh Nikki, Tanaka Chie, Wu Ren
Screenplay Lingo Hsieh, Taka Ichise, Tsai Chun-pin
Soundtracks Kuniaki Haishima
Production Good Films Workshop Co Ltd
Distributor Good Image Co Ltd
Year 2015



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