Belgian Short Films


L'Oeil Silencieux


L’Oeil Silencieux

Bernard is an average man who is moving in his new apartment. While settling in, he suddenly discovers there’s a hole in his floor. He very quickly realizes he can spy on his neighbor and all her privacy… World premiere!

XYZ, The City Hunter

Usagi Tanase wants to take revenge on the man who murdered her fiancé; to that end, she gets in touch with Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, feared and respected by his pears… but also a relentless Don Juan!


A man is driving on the highway in the middle of the night. The driver listens to the radio to stay awake. Then suddenly the radio stops, his engine stops, his watch stops, the street lights go out…


Ice Scream

A young man meets a young woman, he wants to become a director, she wants to be an actress. As they start rehearsing, the director wants to push his actress to the point of no return, where reality is close to fiction… World premiere!


Voltaire is an insignificant rooster trying at all cost to reach the cathedral’s throne, out there beyond the horizon…

Life is strange

Olaf, a young artist turned homeless decides to take the fight to his demons and return to the family castle…

Tranche de Campagne

A family of animals has decided to find the perfect place for a picnic. But next to them stands a beast peacefully eating… Sitting in the middle of one’s dinner is quickly going to turn out to be a bad idea…

Out of Competition


Dr Szvo gives his patients new eyes and can read through the old ones thanks to a machine he designed!


After both witnessing the same car crash, they fall in love with each other! But Jonathan is going to have to face the fact that She, for a long time now, “possesses” Maria…

Motel, Motel

Hjalmar, a mysophobic salesman, discovers a cut off ear in his motel room.


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