Au nom de ma fille

- 18:30

One day in July 1982, André Bamberski receives the shocking news that his daughter has died. Kalinka was 14 years old and was spending a holiday in Germany with her mother Dany and her new husband, doctor Dieter Krombach. It soon becomes clear that she died in suspicious curcumstances. The attitude of Krombach and a disturbing autopsy bring up many unanswered questions. André is quickly convinced of Krombach’s guilt and starts a fight to reval the truth. It’s a fight that will last 27 years.

The Kalinka Bamberski case caused considerable uproar in France and Germany. Director-screenwriter Vincent Garenq (Guilty, The Clearstream Affair) adapted André Bamberski’s book, ‘Pour que justice te soit rendue’, and turned it into a gripping crime drama with a stellar performance by Daniel Auteuil (The 8th Day, Un coeur en hiver, Hidden) as the tormented André Bamberski. With Marie Josée-Croze (The Barbarian Invasions, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) as Dany and Sebastian Kroch (The Lives of Others, A Good Day to Die Hard) as Dieter Krombach.


Genre(s) black comedy , drama, thriller
Country France, Germany
Audience CNA
Audio French
Director Vincent Garenq
Cast Christelle Cornil, Daniel Auteuil, Emma Besson, Lilas-Rose Gilberti, Marie-Josée Croze, Sebastien Koch
Screenplay Julien Rappeneau, Vincent Garenq
Soundtracks Nicolas Errera
Production Black Mask Productions, LGM Cinema, Nexus Factory, StudioCanal, TF1 Films Production, Umedia
Distributor Nexus Factory
Year 2015


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