Aaaaaaaah !


Planet Of The Apes, but in reverse. That is what at first glance could be said about Steve Oram’s debut feature. In this horror comedy all men are in fact apes and all dialogues consist of animal sounds. The scenes are as absurd and violent as if they came straight out of a Passolini movie. This mindfuck of a movie could become the cult succes of the year. England went crazy about it, now it is time to unleash the beast in Bozar

Even if Aaaaaaaah is Steve Oram’s first feature, this doesn’t mean that he’s new to the game. Mostly know from his TV appearances, Steve Oram recently featured in the absurd killer comedy Sightseers by Ben Wheatley. For his debut he surrounded himself with some great entertainers from the small and big screen: Noel Fielding (IT Crowd), Julian Barratt (ABCs of Death 2), Tony Way (Doctor Who, Derek, Game Of Thrones), Alice Lowe (Hot Fuzz, Sightseers). This is going to be Aaaaaaaaahsome!

Competition(s) 7th Orbit Competition
Genre(s) cult, surreal
Country UK
Audience CNA
Director Steve Oram
Cast Holli Dempsey, Julian Barratt, Lucy Honigman, Toya Willcox
Screenplay Steve Oram
Soundtracks King Crimson Projekcts
Production Lincoln Studies
Distributor Lincoln Studies
Year 2015


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