Fantôme de Canterville (Le)

Cine 2 - 16/04/2017 16:30

For centuries a castle in Brittany has been haunted by the ghost of Aliénor de Canterville, who’s cursed to chase everyone away who dares to set foot in her ancestral home. And she’s really good at this. With the assistance of her faithful servant Gwilherm, nobody is able to last more than a few days after discovering chopped-off heads in the laundry basket, seeing sheets with ball and chain in the corridors or a nicely timed “booooh!”. But that’s about to change when the Otis family from Paris buys the castle. It’s impossible for Aliénor to scare these 21st century urbanites. Even worse, the children play pranks on her and the parents just ignore her. Only 15-year old Virginia Otis cares about the fate of the Canterville ghost and will try to release her from the curse.

You could say that Yann Samuell (Jeux d’Enfants, La Guerre des Boutons) is a specialist of the French feel-good movie. This time he adapts Oscar Wilde’s classic to the great joy of young and old. The Canterville Ghost is chock-a-block with fun and brings together a great Gallic cast, among whom Audrey Fleurot (Mais qui a re-tuer Pamela Rose?, The Intouchables), the extremely popular Michael Youn (Iznogoud, Fatal, Vive la France) and Lionnel Astier, known for the TV-series Kaamelott.

Genre(s) black comedy , ghost movie
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Country Belgium, France
Audience CNA
Audio French
Director Yann Samuell
Cast Audrey Fleurot, Julien Frison, Lionnel Astier, Mathilde Daffe, Michaël Youn, Michèle Laroque, Nicole Shirer, Sarah Ber
Distributor Belga Films
Year 2016
Running time 105'


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