Etre Poster

François is an embittered policeman who can’t stand his work and his married life anymore. Mohamed wants to leave the suburbs at any price. Ester can no longer bear her condition of adopted daughter. Christian wants to leave his native village and the family business. They all live between Paris and the provinces. They don’t know each other but in 24 hours, their destinies will cut across each other, turning their painful lives into a virgin path where everything has still to be built..

Fara Sene is a former basketball player who has made a name for himself as a director of video clips and short features. After meeting the Belgian producer Nicolas George, he was able to turn his poignant vision on humanity into a long feature film. Etre was almost entirely shot on location in Liège and allows some Belgian actors to shine in strong performances, such as Astrid Whettnall (Au Nom du Fils), Stéphanie Van Vyve and David Murgia (Je te Survivrai).

Genre(s) drama, thriller
Premiere BIFFF Premiere
Country Belgium, France
Audience CNA
Audio French
Subtitles Dutch, English
Director Fara Sene
Cast Benjamin Ramon, Bruno Solo, David Murgia, Djena Tsimba, Sophia Leboutte
Screenplay Fara Sene
Distributor Les Films du Carré
Year 2014


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