Cine 2 - 13/04/2017 21:30

Original title : Hae-Bing

After the miserable failure of his ambitious project for a fancy practice in Seoul, doctor Seung-houn has to be content to be a proctologist in the countryside. On top of that, his wife has left him and the region is known for its grisly murders. Nevertheless, Seung-hoon gets through the days searching for anal abnormalities in all kinds of backsides. That is, until the owner of his new flat drops by for a consultation. Seung-hoon is not exactly looking forward to yet another hairy ass, but the ramblings of the man, no doubt under the influence of the anesthetic, sound suspiciously like a confession of murder. Add to that the fact that the owner’s family has a butcher shop on the first floor and that a freshly decapitated corpse has turned up in the river, and Seung-houn knows where he can stick his Hippocratic oath!

Korean director Soo-youn Lee certainly took her time. 13 years after we screened Uninvited at the BIFFF, she finally visits us again. But it was worth the wait. With a title reminding us of Charles Perrault’s classic fairytale, Bluebeard is one of those rare Korean excursions into a Hitchcockian universe full of perversions where nothing is as it seems. At the center of the nightmare we find Jin-woon Cho (Nameless Gangster, Roaring Currents, A Hard Day, The Handmaiden), who proves he’s part of the creme de la creme of the Korean’s actors gild.

Genre(s) mystery, thriller
Competition(s) Thriller Competition
Premiere European Premiere
Country South Korea
Audience CNA
Audio Korean
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Soo-Youn Lee
Cast Cho Jin-woong, Kim Dae-myung, Lee Cheong-ah, Sin Goo, Song Yeong-chang, Yoon Se-ah
Distributor Lotte Entertainment
Year 2017
Running time 117'



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