Lawrie Brewster

The driving force behind Hex Media, Lawrie Brewster is a jack of all trades, a technical… +

Sarah Daly

Sarah Daly is a prolific Irish musician and screenwriter whose work has been performed by Gary Oldman,… +

Ross Noble

Geordie Stand-Up Ross has been performing since he was smuggled in to his local comedy club… +

Arpad Sopsits

Arpad Sopsits graduated in adult education and library studies at the Debrecen Teachers’ Training Institute. He… +

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

No fake poses or ambitious calculations for The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, but wild and savage… +

Pluquet Arno

Scénariste et réalisateur né le 26 mars 1986 à Tournai, c’est d’abord sous le pseudo d’Édouard… +

De Roover Steve

After graduating from high school, Steve De Roover proved himself as a film critic for DVDInfo… +

Valette Eric

Eric Valette is a discrete but essential player in French contemporary cinema. He’s a fan of… +

Lee Soo-Youn

Having directed 2 critically acclaimed short films (LA and The Goggles), director Lee Soo-youn made a… +

Helfrecht Alex

Alex and Jörg are a longstanding directing, writing and producing team based in London. Their past… +

Targarona Mar

Mar Targarona founded the production company Rodar y Rodar with her husband Joaquin Padro. They were… +

Du Welz Fabrice

In October 1972, while the survivors of flight 571 Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya were indulging in cannibalism… +

Ambrosioni Nathan

Nathan Ambrosioni was born in Grasse, in the south of France, in 1999. And in 2013… +

Gomez Macarena

It’s a bit hard to concentrate on writing the bio of one of our favorite actresses… +

Palcy Euzhan

Martinique-born Euzhan Palcy, an unconditional fan of Fritz Lang and Orson Welles, studied French literature at… +

Thilliez Franck

Writing is a passion. You might try to make it your hobby, as young engineer Franck… +

Vandewattyne Jérôme

Born in 1989, Jérôme spent his childhood and adolescence devouring as many movies as possible. During… +

Shenton Kate

Born and raised in Staffordshire, she moved on to study politics at the University of York…. +

Kastrissios Steven

Born in Australia in 1982, Steven Kastrissios began making films in his early teens. Over the… +

Cleven Harry

After having studied Drama at the Conservatory in Liège, Harry Cleven leaves for Paris where he… +

Ji-young Hong

Director Hong Ji-young made a glittering debut with the critically acclaimed The Naked Kitchen, a film… +

Ledun Marin

If the Ardèche region is known for its Pont d’Arc and its crocodile farm, it also… +

Tong Stanley

Stanley Tong can first be seen on movie sets as a stuntman, but it’s clear from… +

Maas Dick

Dutch director Dick Maas has been a BIFFF-regular from the start. In 1985 he was a… +

Bazz Nicolas

Straight out of film school, Nicolas Bazz became active in video art, to much acclaim and… +

Tittel Jorg

Alex and Jörg are a longstanding directing, writing and producing team based in London. Their past… +

Tublen Antonio

Swedish director, writer and composer Antonio Tublen made one short after another (including The Amazing Death… +

Chan-wook Park

Let’s first thank Hitchcock for having made Vertigo, because without this film the young Chan-wook Park… +

Musso Guillaume

With the sunny climate of Antibes, you should be crazy not to spend your days outdoors,… +

Nishimura Yoshihiro

There’s no need to introduce the Japanese master of special effects, Yoshihiro Nishimura. This creative mind… +

Hitz Valentin

Valentin Hitz was born in Stuttgart, Germany, but grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and studied film… +

Grande Rodrigo

Rodrigo Grande was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina, in the year 1974. He studied… +

Silvestrini Ivan

Ivan Silvestrini completed his directing studies at Rome’s Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia with his 10th short,… +

Amenabar Alejandro

With Alejandro Amenabar we welcome a real heavyweight to the BIFFF. He might have his hands… +

Mendez Mike

At the age of 10, L.A-born Mike Mendez already shot super-8 movies in his parents’ garden…. +

Taylor Rob

Co-writer, director, co-editor, and visual effects supervisor, Rob Taylor has been turning mundane film-making into movie… +

Bourgoin Stéphane

This serial killer specialist is well known internationally for his research and expertise about criminal profiling…. +

Parker Ben

After a 10-year career in film advertising and design, Ben Parker directed the short film Shifter… +

Gunzig Thomas

Thomas Gunzig is a true native of Brussels, which means he can bullshit with the best…. +

Grieco Gabriel

Still Life, the debut feature of Argentinean director Gabriel Grieco (1980°) premiered at the Sitges Film… +

Cokeliss Harley

In 1966, Harley Cokeliss left Chicago to study at the London Film School. In the 1970s… +

Keil Norbert

Norbert Keil’s credits include the hugely successful and multi-award winning Bathhtub to Happiness, which was invited… +

Nicolson Christian

Artist/film maker Christian Nicolson originally studied design but after a 10-year career in advertising he decided… +

De Sica Andrea

Andrea De Sica (Rome, 1981°) graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2008 and obtained… +

Madarász Isti

Born in 1976 in Miskolc, Hungary. Isti Madarász has been making films since his high school… +

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