How to get there, Center for fine Arts ?

How to leave the festival ? Center for fine Arts

Is the BIFFF accessible for the people with reduced mobility ?

Are there presales ?

How can I buy a presale ?

Where can I buy a ticket ?

What are the rates ?

Are there discounts ?

What are the payment methods ?

Is the festival accesible to all?

Is there a group rate ?

Are the screenings for all audiences ?

Are there films for children ?

How to get there, Center for fine Arts ?

The BIFFF’s entrance is located at Rue des sols, 1000 Brussels.

The center is easily accessible by public transportation :
bus: 27, 29, 34, 38, 63, 65, 66, 71, 71N and 95 (Stop Royal or Central Station)
trams: 92 et 94 (Stop Royal)
metros: 1 et 5 (Stop Central Station or Park)
trains: Brussels Central Station

The festival is accessible by car thanks to the parkings :

  • “Albertine” located rue des Sols and Place de la Justice
    Schedules : from Monday to Friday: 7am-1am
    Rates: 2,50€ /1h during the day and 5€ /2-10h during the evening (19pm-5am)
  • “Grand Place” located rue du Marché aux Herbes
    Schedules: from Monday to Sunday: open 24h/24
    Rates: 2,40€ /1h during the day and 5€ /3-10h during the evening (19pm-5am)
  • “Sablon- Poelaert” located place Poelaert
    Schedules : from Monday to Friday: 7am-midnight Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 10am-midnight
    Rates: 2,40€/1h during the day and 5€ /3-10h during the evening (7pm-5am)

How to leave the festival ? Center for fine Arts

Collecto: 076 (Stop Central Station located rue Putterie 25, 1000 Bruxelles)
083 (Stop Grand Sablon located rue Lebeau 69, 1000 Bruxelles)

Carsharing: www.djengo.be , www.cambio.be en www.taxistop.be

Bike: www.villo.be

Is the BIFFF accessible for people with reduced mobility ?

Accessibility for people with a handicap.

The BIFFF takes place at the Center for Fine Arts, which was constructed in the 1920ties on an uneven ground with multiple height differences. The building has many stairs, which does not make it easily accessible for people with reduced mobility. As organizers we can inform you about the following:

  • Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are provided at rue Montagne de la Cour 2, 1000 Brussels (more info).
  • There’s a toilet accessible to visitors with a handicap
  • Specific places are foreseen for wheelchair users.
  • Assistance and guidance dogs for the blind are allowed.

If you are a wheelchair user and you have questions about the accessibility of the Center for Fine Arts, please contact the infodesk of the Center for Fine Arts: 0479 98 66 12 and fieldcoordination@bozar.be.

If you have specific questions about the BIFFF, please call 02 201 17 13 or mail to: info@bifff.net.

At the BIFFF itself, you can consult our info point, situated across the accreditation stand in the festival village.


Are there presales ?

Yes, presales are available on www.bifff.net and at the Center of Fine Arts (BOZAR) until the day before the screening. On the spot, the day of the screening.

How can I buy a presale ?

1. BIFFF website

= get your tickets to the festival

Advance order (available until the day before):

  1. Select MOVIES on the menu on the right.
  2. Select one or more movies that will be added to your cart.
  3. Pay your order.
  4. Show your order number at the Express cash-desk of the festival to get your tickets.

Your order is not sufficient. You have to get your ticket (to enter the screening theatre) at the Express cash-desk of the festival during business hours (see program) on the very day of the movie, not before.

You can not buy discount tickets on the Internet.
High Five Pass only available at the ticket desk of the festival.

2. At the BIFFF

Tickets are available at the main cash-desk of the festival (Centre for Fine Arts) until 30 minutes before the screening. The entrance is at rue des Sols. The festival opens every day 30 minutes before the first movie.

You will receive a print ticket with which you can present yourself directly to the festival (+0,50€ for administrative costs).

What are the rates ?

Here you will find the rates list.

Are there discounts ?

Yes, for students, job seekers, people with reduced mobility and the over 65
Attention ! No discounts via the Internet.

What are the payment methods?

On Internet, payments are made with Paypal (all types of bank cards are accepted).
On the spot, payments are made with cash or with Bancontact.

Is the festival accesible to all ?

The access to the festival’s site is free. You can experience the atmosphere of the BIFFF with the animations, the Body Painting contest, the Make-Up contest, the BIFFF Art exhibition and enjoy the Comics Land and signing sessions with the writers, the Claire’s silkscreens’s, Questions & Answers (encounters between guests and the public), or take a trip to the festival bar etc.

Is there a group rate ?

Yes. For a group of 15 or more, contact Jean-Marc Cambier at jean-marc@bifff.net or 02 204 00 10.

Are the screenings for all audiences ?

The films are forbidden for the under 16 years except for following screenings :

  • 08 April 15:30 Dragon (CINE 1)
  • 09 April 14:00 Saving Sally (CINE 2)
  • 11 April 19:00 The village of no return (CINE 2)
  • 14 April 19:00 Mon ange (CINE 2)
  • 14 April 20:30 Kung-Fu Yoga (CINE 1)
  • 15 April 16:30 Sori : Voice from the heart (CINE 2)
  • 15 April 18:00 Simeon (CINE 3)
  • 16 April 14:00 Storm : Letters van vuur (CINE 2)
  • 16 April 16:30 Le fantôme de Canterville (CINE 2)

Are there films for children ?

Yes, on Sunday the 16th of April, the festival organizes an afternoon called “Fantastikids“.
The films “Storm : Letters van vuur” at 2pm for Dutch speaking children and “Le fantôme de Canterville” at 4:30pm for the French speaking children whom will be followed by various activities around cinema. Children will discover the backstages of animated features.
The price (7/8€) is available upon reservation via the email address: yannick@bifff.net (Remember to specify the number of children and adults who wish to participate).