Tom Pouce

This die-hard fan has been a BIFFF-regular since the 2nd edition. He’s crazy enough to spend… +

Christensen Aaron

Aaron Christensen (aka “Dr. AC”) is a Chicago-based actor/writer who has viewed and reviewed over 3000… +

Kim Kody

Kody Kim learned to make others laugh at the school playground, where he sharpened his puns… +

Targarona Mar

Mar Targarona founded the production company Rodar y Rodar with her husband Joaquin Padro. They were… +

Goldberg Sylvain

Sylvain Goldberg is a multi-talented artist: author, pianist, composer, interpreter, comedian and director. He is also… +

Guégan Anne-Laure

Her passport might say she’s French, but after graduating in film studies at Insas in 1995,… +

Gomez Macarena

It’s a bit hard to concentrate on writing the bio of one of our favorite actresses… +

Palcy Euzhan

Martinique-born Euzhan Palcy, an unconditional fan of Fritz Lang and Orson Welles, studied French literature at… +

Lindberg Christina

Avant-garde feminist Christina Lindberg provoked at an early age by posing nude when she was barely… +

Philippon Bénédicte

After leaving the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2007, Bénédicte explores various theatrical and cinematographic genres… +

Vachiéry Martin

Born a few months after the Chernobyl accident, young Martin Vachiéry first discovered the BIFFF in… +

Bussens Marc

This year Marc Bussens became chairman of the UFK (Film Critic’s Union). He started his rich… +

Liebman Riton

Riton Liebman, a native of Brussels, first got noticed when he was cast in Bertrand Blier’s… +

de Pierpont Jacques

Radioman Jacques de Pierpont (1950°), known as “Ponpon”, started in 1974 with the French-speaking public broadcaster… +

Carolyn Axelle

Lifelong horror (and BIFFF) fan and Brussels-born director Axelle Carolyn started out as a film journalist… +

Clinckart Olivier

Olivier Clinckart studies journalism at the ULB and joins the now defunct Grand Angle magazine as… +

Raynal Patrick

Patrick Raynal gets hooked on literature by plundering his mother’s bookcase. Combined with his passion for… +

Rausin Jean-Jacques

Jean-Jacques Rausin wasn’t really keen on his philosophy and literature studies at the University of Liege… +

Leclère Kadija

Kadija Leclère graduates in 1997 from the Brussels Royal Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She acts for… +

Poulain Lucile

Hailing from France, Lucile Poulain lives in Brussels since 2011. She was first active in publishing… +

Tarquin Didier

Didier Tarquin might share his name with an Etruscan king, he luckily doesn’t share his fate,… +

Seron Xavier

In 2005 his short film Rien d’insoluble was selected for the Venice Film Festival. He then… +

Meiswinkel Dirk

Dirk is the creative mind behind “Krimi-Küche” (“crimes’ kitchen”). Since 2012 his murder mystery games are… +

Hainaut David

Born in 1980, a graduate in communication studies and an independent journalist since 2006, this adoptive… +

The winners of the Méliès d’or 2016 are…

Raw (Grave) by Julia Ducournau wins the Méliès d’or 2016 L’oeil silencieux (The Frozen Eye) wins… +

Delpâture Gorian

In his young and prolific career, Gorian Delpâture has almost worked on every kind of program… +

Vandecasteele Joost

Joost Vandecasteele is a Brussels based author and screenwriter. His five published books, most recently ‘Jungle’… +

Balaguero Jaume

Together with Alex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balaguero is probably the most famous ambassador of Spanish… +

Ling Bai

Bai Ling was definitely destined to triumph at the stage. At 14, she enrolled in the… +

Thielemans Freddy

Born and raised as a true ‘Brusseleir’, Freddy Thielemans came from a modest but engaged family…. +

Lini Georges

Georges Lini, founder of la Compagnie Belle de Nuit since 1998, was also artistic director of… +

Claustriaux Geoffrey

While the other kids were spending their time playing soccer outside, little Geoffrey Claustriaux was stuck… +

Cozzi Luigi

Luigi Cozzi, a lifelong friend of Dario Argento, started his career co-writing Four Flies on Grey… +

Dufranne Michel

This booklover knew that the music academy wasn’t his thing and decided to do something more… +

Dieu Maxime

Born in Mons in 1978, Maxime Dieu graduated at the ‘Institut des Hautes Ecoles des Communications… +

Ngoma Nancy

It might have started somewhere north of the Lake Kivu, but Nancy Ngoma soon finds her… +

Beaudot Pierre

Pierre Beaudot is a pop culture fanatic for as long as he can remember. This man… +

Licht Monique

Monique Licht has a career of more than four decades in movie production. In 1973 she… +

Caro Marc

Fascinated by everything related to design and graphics, Marc Caro publishes his first comics in cult… +

Dacosse Manu

At the age of 16 Manu Dacosse received his first camera. He has never stopped since…. +

Mortagne Olivier

15 years have passed since Olivier Mortagne started working in the family business called Paradiso Filmed… +

Kohoutova Jasna

Before she started acting, Czech-born Jasna Kohoutova, graduated as a doctor in psychology. But her artistic… +

Feiner Sacha

Sacha Feiner was born in Brussels in 1982. He graduated in graphic design from the academy… +

Baumerder Joëlle

She already saw herself working as a prison warden after having studied psychology and criminology, but… +

De Groof Laurent

Already on the school benches, Laurent dreamt of a career in writing and started a cultural… +

Garcia Ana

My grandma certainly lit a fire in me with her stories about ghosts, disturbing shadows in… +

Timmermans Charlotte

Charlotte studied audiovisual arts at the University of Antwerp and followed that up with a movie… +

Balmet Nicolas

Before he was the referee of a crazy football match between zombies and his fellow journalists,… +

Lebel Natalie

Studied literature and cinema at the University of Paris VIII. Since 2006, head of Sales and… +

Devillers Michel

Born in Tournai on June 20th 1950, a painter and a sculptor, he is one of… +

Trifin Guy

Born in 1954 and graduated in History. In 1988, he enters as PR manager the Wallonia-Brussels… +

Kulak Gokhan

Gökhan’s early fascination with movies was encouraged by his father, who took him to Sunday Matinées,… +

Reunis Gilles

After working for 5 years as marketing manager at the Cinéart movie distribution company, Gilles Reunis… +

Stassens François

François Stassens is the head of the SABAM’s audiovisual department. His mission is to be the… +

Bontinckx Christian

Born in 1954, Christian Bontinckx studied psychology, pedagogy and cinematography at the ULB in Brussels. He… +

Bourgois Bénédicte

Since 2006 she’s been the head of the RTBF’s Short Films Acquisitions and TV shows, especially… +

Diouri Claude

Brilliant mind, except when he had to study. Yet he managed to get through primary and… +

de Coster Thierry

Writer, director, producer and actor Thierry de Coster has been active in cinema, theatre, radio and… +

Keyaerts Gauthier

This journalist with and graduate of the ULB, divides his time between journalism (movies, series… +

Eraly Stefan

This independent journalist, a graduate in Social and Political Sciences of the Catholic University of Louvain,… +

Charette Marie

This journalist, a contributor to Home Cinéma, a program about Belgian cinema on Be TV, has… +