The winners of the Méliès d’or 2016 are…

Raw (Grave) by Julia Ducournau wins the Méliès d’or 2016 L’oeil silencieux (The Frozen Eye) wins… +

BIFFF 2016 Awards

Despite the tragic events, which made our capital tremble, you were more than 53 000 to… +

33rd Make Up Contest – Winners

Amateur 1st prize : Guillaume Barachin 2nd prize : Nora Marziale 3rd prize : Anna Maria… +

29th Body Painting Contest – Winners

1st prize : Catherine Nicaisse – Joker by Vasarely 2nd prize : Elodie Hance – Quintessence… +

10 April

An ideal Sunday to awaken the audience: we’re showing Reis Naar Het Noorden (only in a… +

9 April

Ah, the big day of our marathon has arrived! Since you’re still alive and kicking after… +

8 April

Who said that the BIFFF was only for the fans of fantastic films ? You are an… +

Masterclass : Make Up SFX

Thursday 7 April 4pm – Cine 3 Free entry This year, the BIFFF will welcome the… +

7 April

It is the day of the referenced films! Adrien Brody plays Sixth Sense with an Australian… +

6 April

Between a haunted bath curtain (Curtain) and a taiwanese horror film who absolutely needed an exorcist… +

5 April

Tonight, two world premieres sandwich Yoga Hosers, the new film of Kevin Smith! The Call Up… +

Masterclass – Cinema Genre in French Speaking Belgium

Monday 4 April 4pm – Cine 3 Free entrance The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and… +

How to buy a ticket ?

Presales until the day before or the day of the screening at the ticket desk of… +

4 April

Our former president of the jury 2013, Roland Joffé, seems to love Belgium so much that… +

3 April

Well yeah, at the BIFFF we also think of the youngest! With Monster Hunt, the festival… +

2 April

A bus full of guests is coming at the festival today! The director Vincent Garencq (Présumé… +

Gods of Egypt instead of Les Visiteurs: La Révolution

Les Visiteurs : La Révolution is replaced by Gods of Egypt, a children admitted film of Alex… +

1 April

Belgium arrives in force at the BIFFF : Besides the Belgian Fantastic Film Day, where we will… +

31 March

This is a very good timing to screen in an international premiere the new Rob Zombie,… +

The Abominable Dr Vibes

Thursday 31 March, Friday 1 April, Tuesday 5 April 6:00-6:30pm – Cine 3 Free entry Even… +

BIFFF & Bozar Promo 1+1

* Buy 1 ticket, get 1 free! Valid for all exhibitions at BOZAR on presentation of… +

30 March

Between Lambert Wilson and Virginie Ledoyen in a living nightmare : a French revival of giallo… +

Opening Ceremony

Culture. Hate. Culture. Hate. Culture. Hate. Culture, culture, culture, culture, culture once again, culture always. And… +

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

If there’s something we want to leave behind, it’s the tragic events of March. Because we… +

The BIFFF is still on !

A day after the tragic events that struck our capital, Brussels woke up with a serious… +

a) Q&A

29/03 Men & Chicken 21:45 30/03 The Shamer’s Daughter 18:15 Baskin 22:15 31/03 Sensoria 18:15 The… +

2nd Gaming Madness Days

Free entry to all events taking place @ BIFFF From 18 to 20 March @ Factory… +


21/03 – 10:00  Au Nom de Ma Fille (Actor’s) 21/03 – 12:00   Pride and Prejudice… +

Casabé Laura

Director of The Good Fairy (2010) and of the short feature Malon (2011), Laura Casabé comes… +

Viré Benjamin

Born in 1980 in Brussels, Benjamin Viré pursued studies at INSAS. Its final-year student film, the… +


BIFFF Movie Guide Reach easily all the information about the films of the festival from your… +

The Fantastic Night

Saturday 9 April 11pm – Cine 1 23€ Buy your ticket (1 ticket for 4 films… +

Knights of the Order of the Raven

Jaume Balaguero Together with Alex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balaguero is probably the most famous ambassador… +

Murphy Peter

Before completing their first feature film, Traders, college friends turned co-directors Peter Murphy and Rachael Moriarty … +

Moriarty Rachel

Before completing their first feature film, Traders, college friends turned co-directors Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy… +


CONTACT: 30/03/2016 1PM : Sören Malling (actor Men & Chicken, The Shamer’s Daughter) contact: Tinne Bral… +

Malling Soren

Søren Malling, one of Denmark’s finest, made his big screen debut in 1999’s Mifune, directed by… +

Delpâture Gorian

In his young and prolific career, Gorian Delpâture has almost worked on every kind of program… +

Press File

Press File 2016

Olson Lanna

Lanna Olsson has been featured in many theatre plays in Sweden. On the big screen Lanna… +

Vandecasteele Joost

Joost Vandecasteele is a Brussels based author and screenwriter. His five published books, most recently ‘Jungle’… +

Caldera Javier Ruiz

Very few have shown such a natural talent for comedy as this director from Barcelona did… +

Vandewoestijne Johan

In 1986, Johan Vandewoestijne, aka James Desert, produced and directed the cult film Lucker. Upon release… +

Ezban Isaac

Isaac Ezban is a writer and director from Mexico specializing in science fiction and horror. He… +

Balaguero Jaume

Together with Alex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balaguero is probably the most famous ambassador of Spanish… +

Ling Bai

Bai Ling was definitely destined to triumph at the stage. At 14, she enrolled in the… +

Thielemans Freddy

Born and raised as a true ‘Brusseleir’, Freddy Thielemans came from a modest but engaged family…. +

Lini Georges

Georges Lini, founder of la Compagnie Belle de Nuit since 1998, was also artistic director of… +

Gauvin Edouard

Since the age of 9, Edouard Gauvin has been passionate about all kind of cinema. Inspired… +

Hallman Christian

Christian Hallman had his first experience on a film set was at the tender age of… +

Claustriaux Geoffrey

While the other kids were spending their time playing soccer outside, little Geoffrey Claustriaux was stuck… +

Cozzi Luigi

Luigi Cozzi, a lifelong friend of Dario Argento, started his career co-writing Four Flies on Grey… +

Dufranne Michel

This booklover knew that the music academy wasn’t his thing and decided to do something more… +

Dieu Maxime

Born in Mons in 1978, Maxime Dieu graduated at the ‘Institut des Hautes Ecoles des Communications… +

Parès Pablo

Pablo Parès is an Argentinian director with a background in movies, music videos and commercials. He… +

Marini Alberto

Born in 1972 in Turin (Italy), Alberto’s film career is split between writing and producing. His… +

Andersen Norah

12-year old Norah Andersen has always been fascinated by acting and pursued every chance she got…. +

Ngoma Nancy

It might have started somewhere north of the Lake Kivu, but Nancy Ngoma soon finds her… +

Lahore Marc

Growing up with a pile of VHS tapes and comic books beside him, Marc Lahore quickly… +

Beaudot Pierre

Pierre Beaudot is a pop culture fanatic for as long as he can remember. This man… +

Licht Monique

Monique Licht has a career of more than four decades in movie production. In 1973 she… +

Paz Yoav

Yoav and Doron Paz started working in the film industry after graduating from Tel Aviv University… +

Caro Marc

Fascinated by everything related to design and graphics, Marc Caro publishes his first comics in cult… +

Hsieh Lingo

Lingo Hsieh is one of the rare genre film directors in Taiwan. She started her career… +

Dacosse Manu

At the age of 16 Manu Dacosse received his first camera. He has never stopped since…. +

Mortagne Olivier

15 years have passed since Olivier Mortagne started working in the family business called Paradiso Filmed… +

Kohoutova Jasna

Before she started acting, Czech-born Jasna Kohoutova, graduated as a doctor in psychology. But her artistic… +

Feiner Sacha

Sacha Feiner was born in Brussels in 1982. He graduated in graphic design from the academy… +

Paz Doron

Yoav and Doron Paz started working in the film industry after graduating from Tel Aviv University… +

Loreti Nicanor

Nicanor Loreti (Buenos Aires, 1978°) directed the rockumentary La H (2011), the cultmovie Diablo (2011) and,… +

Chapman Jake

Jake Chapman makes iconoclastic sculpture, prints and installations that examine, with searing wit and energy, contemporary… +

Kim Bong Joo

After being a producer for many years (for example Takashi Miike’s Over My Dead Body) and… +

Evrenol Can

Born and raised in Istanbul, Can Evrenol studied cinematography and art history at the University of… +

Bidard Alain

Alain Bidard is an animation film director who has worked in Martinique for 16 years. In… +

Holzheuer Jens

Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer were both born and live in Hamburg. Oliver is an independent… +

Tietgen Oliver

Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer were both born and live in Hamburg. Oliver is an independent… +

Baumerder Joëlle

She already saw herself working as a prison warden after having studied psychology and criminology, but… +

De Groof Laurent

Already on the school benches, Laurent dreamt of a career in writing and started a cultural… +

Hyett Paul

Paul Hyett started his career as a feature director in 2012 when he showed The Seasoning House to… +

Garcia Ana

My grandma certainly lit a fire in me with her stories about ghosts, disturbing shadows in… +

Regan Liam

Liam Regan was born in 1985 and raised in South Yorkshire. He was exposed to the… +

Collectifff 2

Friday 8 April 12am – Cine 2 Free entrance 4 Years after their memorable declaration of… +

Timmermans Charlotte

Charlotte studied audiovisual arts at the University of Antwerp and followed that up with a movie… +

Hartl Dominik

Dominik Hartl studied directing and script writing at the Vienna Film Academy Vienna. He has realized… +

Balmet Nicolas

Before he was the referee of a crazy football match between zombies and his fellow journalists,… +

Brossé Dirk

Dirk Brossé is one of the most eclectic European composers and an internationally reputed conductor. After… +

Burkland – RTBF’s new thriller web series

Friday 1 April 10pm – Cine 3 Invitation only Contact : While on their honeymoon,… +

I’m a Seoul Man 2

Seung-wan Ryo decided to start his career in the movie business after watching the best of… +

Blood Window

Blood Window, that takes place during the Ventana Sur Festival in Buenos Aires, is the hot-blooded… +

Mad in Belgium : The Return

It’s no secret to anyone that the few Belgian movies that get released in the theatres… +

10th Cosplay Contest

Sunday 10 April 3pm – Cine 3 3€ Buy your ticket here BIFFF and Be Cosplay… +

Lebel Natalie

Studied literature and cinema at the University of Paris VIII. Since 2006, head of Sales and… +

Devillers Michel

Born in Tournai on June 20th 1950, a painter and a sculptor, he is one of… +

Trifin Guy

Born in 1954 and graduated in History. In 1988, he enters as PR manager the Wallonia-Brussels… +

Kulak Gokhan

Gökhan’s early fascination with movies was encouraged by his father, who took him to Sunday Matinées,… +

Reunis Gilles

After working for 5 years as marketing manager at the Cinéart movie distribution company, Gilles Reunis… +

Stassens François

François Stassens is the head of the SABAM’s audiovisual department. His mission is to be the… +

Bontinckx Christian

Born in 1954, Christian Bontinckx studied psychology, pedagogy and cinematography at the ULB in Brussels. He… +

Bourgois Bénédicte

Since 2006 she’s been the head of the RTBF’s Short Films Acquisitions and TV shows, especially… +

Masterclass – The Human Rights League

Wednesday 30 March 4pm – Cine 3 Free entrance Minority Reports: the representation of minorities in… +

Courts Mais Trash

Friday 8 April 8pm – Cine 3 3€ Buy your ticket here Court Mais Trash, the… +

International Short Films

Out of Competition Saturday 2 April 8pm – Cine 3 3€ Zéro m2 a film by… +

12th Belgian Fantastic Film Day

Friday 1st April Tax Shelter 9am – 11:30am – Cine 3 A successful Tax Shelter reform!… +


Saturday 9 April ZomBIFFF’lympics 11am – 4pm Regulations Price: 3€ per player paid on the spot… +


Not only the BIFFF feeds you with genre movies that chickens can’t stand, and that make… +