1st BIFFF Scriptwriting Contest

This first scriptwriting contest for fantastic long features was launched in 2015 and has become an… +

Trieste Science + Fiction will host the 2015 Méliès d’Or !

During the annual Federation cocktail in Cannes it was announced that: For 6 event-packed days in… +

BIFFF 2015 Awards

Long Features Competition The International Jury of the BIFFF 2015 represented by Richard Stanley, Andy Muschietti,… +

19th April

Yes, today is the last day. But, but, but… After metres of film containing avant-premieres, liters… +

32nd Make-Up Contest – Winners

Make Up Jury: Sylvie Arkel, Sandra Viqueray and Erwan Simon Amateur 3rd Prize : Van Aken… +

28th Body Painting Contest – Winners

Body Painting Jury: Daphnée Beaulieu, Michel Devillers, Patryck de Froidmont, Edmond Jamoulle 3rd Prize : L’estampe… +

18th April

Today we plunge into topicality: we talk about the climate warming and it’s malicious consequences in… +

17th April

Attention: today’s the day of the dilemma’s! Do you chose the greeeaaaat buzz of The House… +

16th April

You’re a sceptic consumer who fears reality tv will look a lot like 1984 in the… +

15th April

A small session of hypnosis with an extra dose of “ectoplasma”, does this sound good to… +

14th April

Today you can choose where you want to go: we can sent you to Asia, Europe… +

13th April

Wow! It smell like testosteron today: you can use some Reflex spray between El Nino, the… +

12th April

Somehow managed to get some sleep? Great, that way you can enjoy our afternoon movies! Besides… +

11th April

Come and join us! Starting at 11 ‘o clock we start at the Royal Park for… +

10th April

Today we will sing the song of our people, because we organize the Belgian Film Day… +

9th April

Have you steady sealegs? We hope so because with Haemoo, the last Korean Oscar candidate, you… +

8th April

Here it iiiiiis: your marathon as a cinemaphile can finally start !!! We have a lot… +

Ahmed Paulina

Paulina Ahmed was born in Mexico City in 1989. She starts playing theater at age 6… +

Frampton Oliver

Oliver Frampton was an award-winning short filmmaker before writing and directing The Forgotten, his debut feature…. +

7th April

Ah, nice to see you all again! So, are you ready to scream, to howl at… +

A) Q&A 2015

Here the list !


Programme 2015

Homage to Korea

Cine 3 – Free Memories of Murder Memories of Murder, based on a police investigation that… +

Seong-Hun Kim

Born in 1971, director KIM Seong-hun majored in Hungarian at university and made his debut in… +

Seiler Mathieu

Mathieu Seiler was born in 1974 in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied at the Rudolf Steiner Waldorf… +

Fréchette Rémi

Rémi Fréchette graduated from Concordia University in Film Production. With 90 short films to his name,… +

Rodriguez Ruddy

Presenter, model, actress and publicist. With over twenty years of artistic life, Ruddy is one of… +

Solo Bruno

The number thirteen is inextricably connected to Bruno Solo who saw Han Solo in Star Wars… +

Wooding Jeremy

Jeremy’s film work ranges from vampire short Soul Patrol (starring Sadie Frost) to British Bollywood feature… +

Interviews & Press Screenings

Interviews & Press Screenings


Not only the BIFFF feeds you with genre movies that chickens can’t stand, and that make… +

Dante Joe

The first time we met Joe Dante, was when he was working for Roger Corman. At… +

Rose Bernard

Bernard Rose started his career by working on the last season of the Muppet Show and… +

Shackleton John

John co-wrote and produced Panic Button (2011), which enjoyed its World Premiere at Film4 FightFest, a… +

Coccaro Leandro

In 2000, Leandro Coccaro started his career working in both commercial and independent plays in Buenos… +

Marschall Andreas

All good things come in three, especially when we’re talking about three pillars of German genre… +

Kasokowski Michal

All good things come in three, especially when we’re talking about three pillars of German genre… +

Diouri Claude

Brilliant mind, except when he had to study. Yet he managed to get through primary and… +

ZomBIFFF Day & Night

Saturday 11 April ZomBIFFF’lympics 11am – 3pm Make-up 11am – 3:30pm Rules and Regulations Price: 3€… +

BIFFF and La Trois

Like every year TV-channel La Trois  hoists the BIFFF colors with a selection of festival approved… +


The first edition of the European Genre Film Market ( EGFM ) and the fifth edition… +

Hong Kong Martial Arts Films

Hong Kong and its kung fu movies, it’s like Belgium and mashed potatoes with carrots: one’s… +


 Synthésis Workshop 2015, Georges Lucas, Pixar… and why not you? The masterclass Synthésis Workshop returns in… +


9th Cosplay Contest Sunday 12 April 2pm – Cine 2 3€ BIFFF and Be Cosplay are… +

de Coster Thierry

Writer, director, producer and actor Thierry de Coster has been active in cinema, theatre, radio and… +

Blood Window

This was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss! In the year that the BIFFF organizes its… +

Courts mais Trash

Friday 17 April – 0:30 – Cine 2 – 7,50€ With all the newest technologies and… +

Gaming Madness Days

7 days of OFF festival with tournaments, board games, master class and more… Who doesn’t want,… +

Hong Kong is back

Hong Kong has been known for decades for its outstanding genre cinema and the BIFFF has… +

Argentina Focus

Some faraway countries are only known through worn out stereotypes such as beer & fries for… +

Children’s Matinee: Mini and the Mozzies – Jannik Hastrup

Mini is a small beetle who’s always up for a crazy adventure. Together with Egon and… +

Belgian Film Day

Friday 10 April The Tax Shelter 2.0, a Win-Win investment for investors and for the local… +

I’m a Seoul Man

Few people knew about Korean cinema until the eighties, when it soon caught up and made… +

Press File

Press File BIFFF 2015

Baaroun Samy

Born in 1977 in Champigny-sur-Marne, Samy Baaroun became an author, script and dialogue writer. After his… +

Khvaleev Pavel

Before scaring the audience in dark theatres, Pavel Khvaleev was a world famous DJ, together with… +

Sung-Bo Shim

2003 is the year of Memories of Murder, a shockingly good movie that still resonates today… +

Gaudio Paolo

With a degree in philosophy and in cinema, Paolo Gaudio could be seen as an intellectual…. +

Nishimura Yoshihiro

Yoshihiro Nishimura is a living legend when it comes to special effects. The creatures he designed… +

Alberny Nicolas

If we had to explain Nicolas Alberny in one word we would choose multitasker: author, composer,… +

Hamed Marwan

After working as an assistant-director for Samir Saif and Sherif Arafa, Marwan Hamed decides to get… +

Comics Land

Like every year, the BIFFF, in collaboration, with comic-bookshop The Skull, organizes an activity devoted to… +

Chien Joe

This man is already an ‘habitué’ of the festival like we say in French. For the… +

Ellrich Frank

Frank Ellrich was a marketing specialist for renowned international brands, before he dropped everything to become… +

Cheung Jacob

Jacob Cheung is a Hong Kong director, producer, screenwriter and actor. His 2006 film “Battle of… +

Shiina Eihi

Now we have Gone Girl… But before that, we had Takashi Miike’s The Audition, in which… +

Rühm David

David Rühm had already made a name for himself as a publicity director before he turned… +

Gagarin Evgeny

It’s incredibly funny to see this former DJ popping up playing a priest (one dealing with… +

Bronchinson Dan

Dan Bronchinson is an autodidact who was born and raised in Paris. He found his way… +

Cohen Diego

This young director, who is still relatively unknown at this side of the ocean, hails from… +

McMahon Conor

Conor McMahon became obsessed with genre cinema after seeing Evil Dead 2. From then on, he… +

Noce Claudio

After working on documentaries and publicity spots at the end of the previous century, Claudio Noce… +

Keyaerts Gauthier

This journalist with Cinenews.be and graduate of the ULB, divides his time between journalism (movies, series… +

Eraly Stefan

This independent journalist, a graduate in Social and Political Sciences of the Catholic University of Louvain,… +

Charette Marie

This journalist, a contributor to Home Cinéma, a program about Belgian cinema on Be TV, has… +

Hidalgo Alejandro

It took him almost two years to make his first movie, but now this thirty-something made… +

Roel Esteban

Being both professors at the Madrid Institute of Cinema, they started working together on some short… +

Juanfer Andrés

Being both professors at the Madrid Institute of Cinema, they started working together on some short… +

Davidora Polina

This beautiful Russian actress can finally get a drink in the USA. She just turned 21… +

Cruz Shiraiwa André

Over the last ten years, André Cruz Shiraiwa has developed a significant directing career in a… +

Ezban Isaac

Isaac Ezban not only went to different cinema schools in London, New York and Mexico, he… +

Noel Yvan

Attention: the next sentence might give you jetlag. Ivan Noel, a Spaniard who was raised in… +

Shinagawa Hiroshi

Hiroshi Shinagawa got his degree at the Yoshimoto New Star Creation College (a theatre school in… +

Herbulot Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Herbulot is what you call self-taught. Just like Robert Rodriguez, he directs, writes and edits… +

Ujj Mészáros Károly

Hungarian director Károly Ujj Mészáros (Keszthely, 1968) has a university degree in economics. He works as… +

Borghi Andres

Andres Borghi was born in Argentina, a year before the BIFFF (which was in 1983 for… +

Fiala Severin

The story of Austrian director duo Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz is a bit of a… +

Franz Veronika

The story of Austrian director duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala is a bit of a… +

Scandalous & Fantastic

“Scandalously…dressed-up” and… receive your free entrance ticket! Join in the fantastical atmosphere of the BIFFF (Brussels… +

30th Vampire Ball

Saturday 18 April They say that when you become thirty you stop being restless, prefer to… +


Zombies and Other Strange Paintings Hell at the gates! What is the place of the zombie… +


Les Désaxés “Archam and his Uruluki” Archam, rare creature tamer extraordinaire, has crossed all oceans, climbed… +

Script writing contest BIFFF

Since 2014 the BIFFF houses the European edition of the International Coproduction Market Frontières, a film… +

32nd Make-Up Contest – 2015

Free make-up contest : open to everyone ! Beginners, amateurs or semi-professionals, join us and let… +

28th International Body Painting Contest

Organised in collaboration with Fardel Cosmetics The International Body Painting Contest is an important festival event,… +

Poster 2015

You just have to take one look at this year’s poster to realize that Jean-Claude Servais… +

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